Management and accounting advice

We carry out the adaptation of the accounting of companies and current accounting principles, in addition to a comprehensive accounting service regulating accounting movements and closings. In addition to an online service from which our clients can keep complete control of their expenses and income.

Accounting is the language with which companies and self-employed workers express how they operate, and at the same time reflect their situation.

The Tax Agency may require our accounting books to verify compliance with our obligations. Among other services, we offer the following:

  • Adaptation of companies’ accounting to the PGC and current accounting principles.
  • Comprehensive accounting service, in which we ourselves account entry by entry for accounting movements, regularization and accounting closing.
  • Online service from which our clients will be able to keep full control of the expenses and income of their company, without any prior accounting knowledge. It allows you to issue invoices and send them via email to clients, control payments from clients and suppliers, export to Excel lists and exchange documents with our office in an agile, efficient and secure way.


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